3360 Brookdale Ave, Payne City, GA 31204     Phone: 478-742-9852
  Dawson's Kitchen
                operating in Payne City since 1996
In stock 
 fresh snap beans, squash, okra, white corn and
delicious, red FL. tomatoes

  Our Market has the Freshest Produce in Town!

                  We offer products from local venders including:
Hillside Orchard-Jams, Jellies, Relishes

       Lori Jo's-Jellies, Jams, Salsa, Pepper Sauces,
Causey's BBQ Sauces

 Mayhaw Tree Jelly

    Cajun Power Sauce

                                                Smither Family-                                                                             Dillapeno, Salsa

                                                 Dawson's Kitchen-                                                                         Spices & Rubs, Salad Dressings
                                                                 Chutney and Relishes                                                                 

Specializing in the Best Southern Cuisine & Homemade Baked Goods